Being the church seven days a week is better than attending any one single event.

Our Communities are geographically organized multi-generational groups of people being the church of God where they live.

These people seek to love Jesus and live like him in the context of relationships as they:

  • Share meals.

  • Study together.

  • Watch each others kids.

  • Share the gospel with their neighbors.

  • Mow the lawn of someone in need.

  • Etc.

To do this we try to focus on three inward and outward gospel driven practices together.


Our Communities share a meal together in homes each week as they try to practice:

  • Serving and caring for each other’s spiritual and physical needs.

  • Learning and praying about loving and living like Jesus.

  • Encouraging and exhorting one another in love.


Our Communities share a meal together in homes each week as they try to practice:

  • Building genuine friendships with those outside the church.

  • Inviting those new relationships into the full life of loving and living like Jesus with their community.

  • Communicating the gospel with those they invite in, and those outside the church, in word and deed.

Just like the early church, we seek to center these practices on teaching and fellowship.

One way our communities do this is seeking how they might live out and adopt the Sunday teachings into their lives with one another. To help with this, we provide sermon summary discussion guides for each message we preach on a Sunday morning, as well as providing audio recordings of each message, both of which can be found below:

To find one of these Communities nearest you, take a look at our Community map below:

You can comment on the closest Communities blog to make a connection with that groups leaders and notify them that you would like to attend their meal gathering as a first step. You can also email Adam to help make that connection as well.