During our Sunday gatherings we provide teaching, care and fun for kids. In this one hour time frame we are aiming to do 3 things:


(1) We want the kids to have a blast!

(2) We want the kids to be safe physically, emotionally and spiritually.

(3) We want the kids to hear the gospel.


If we can accomplish these 3 things in one hour, we feel like that is a huge success. But the larger focus of our church involves helping parents disciple their own children. What we do on Sunday mornings is important, but we also understand that it's ultimately the parent's responsibility to disciple their own children. This can be intimidating for many parents and that's why we want to help. We do this mainly in and through the context of our communities, where parents can come alongside one another and learn from the experiences of other parents.



If you'd like to serve in this area of our church, please connect with one of our community leaders or email Beth Farah (beth@colossaechurch.org) and they will give you all the information needed. Please complete our Background Check form if you are interested in serving.